Loka & Vidarbha

Inspiring and Transforming hearts

“I have been sending my astrology students and audiences to Loka and Vidarbha for instruction and guidance for several years now because I don’t know of anyone better equipped to teach spiritual wisdom to a modern, western audience. Every chance I get to serve them and their work by recommending students to them, is a moment of good fortune for me! You won’t regret studying with them!”

Adam Elenbaas

Astrologer (Night Light Astrology), Author, and Yoga Teacher



Embark on storytelling as a sacred act, a way to honor the human experience and create connections that heal and nourish the soul. We take you on a journey where stories become vessels of healing, and hope.


Immerse yourself in the transformative power of sound and experience profound healing and harmony through Sacred Mantra Sound Baths, Mantra Meditation Workshops, Sound Healing Sessions and Retreats.


Find the 21st century yogi within you. Get deeply connected and enlightened through discussions on ancient wisdom texts in modern context, conversation circles, workshops & seminars on life, work, relationships..

About Us

We are Loka and Vidarbha, spiritual coaches, storytellers and monks serving an international community in the US, Europe, Mexico, Bali, India for the last twenty seven years.

We help  unpack ancient wisdom texts creating bridges with the modern world, tying the old  to the new, the known to the unknown. Our greatest joy in life is watching people connect with their inner self through storytelling, discussion circles, sound healing, while letting go of patterns that no longer serve them.

We have offered spiritual sessions at numerous colleges in the US e.g. UPenn, UMD, American University, George Washington University, Montgomery County High Schools (Maryland). We have been panelists at National Cathedral (DC), Parliament of World Religions (2015, Salt Lake City, UT), and various Interfaith events in the DC area. We’ve also facilitated weekly sessions on the Gita at our home in DC metro for the past 25 years and developed a thriving spiritual community there where we’ve coached and served hundreds of seekers over the years.


I’m a Life coach, speaker and teacher of ancient Vedic texts. In my years-long search for meaning and purpose in life, I finally came across these texts 27 years ago in DC, which changed my life. Since then, I’ve enjoyed and dedicated myself to studying and sharing them with others. I deeply enjoy the Sankrit poetry in these texts and relish learning their deeper meanings. I love looking at these texts from a modern lens and how they are applicable in our daily life.

I have worked as a Software Engineer in the US for the past 28 years. I earned double Masters in Computer Science & Electrical Engineering from Brown University (Providence, RI) and B.Tech from IIT – Varanasi.


I am a Poet, Storyteller, Spiritual coach. I homeschooled my son who graduated from UPenn and now works in DC. I did my Bachelors in Economics from St. Stephens College, Delhi and worked with Mrs. Nalini Singh as TV journalist. Since the last twenty seven years, I’ve immersed myself in the study and practice of the Gita and other wisdom texts. For me spirituality is an adventure of seeing the self transform and unleash its deepest potential for selfless love.

“Loka and Vidarbha hold an immense wealth of spiritual knowledge that they make easily understandable and immediately applicable to our day-to-day lives. Their genuine care and concern for others shines through in how they make every person feel welcome, seen, and heard.”

Delia G.

Astrologer and Devotional Yoga Practitioner, Mexico

“Not only are the classes and the reading material organized and very well structured, but the absolute enthusiasm and joy with which both Loka and Vidarbha share their knowledge is something that could only come from the most dedicated and purest.”

Devanshi R.

Medical Writer & Bioenergy Healer, Norwalk, CT

“Loka and Vidarbha are incredible teachers. They embody the practices of the Gita and have a wealth of knowledge to share. I’m so grateful for the kindness and compassion they’ve shown me, and all the loving support.”

Rebecca F.

B.S., M.A. Professor of English, Temple University, Pennsylvania