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Storytelling, Meditation Retreat, Sound Bath, Discussion Circle and much more for your Body, Mind and Self

“Loka and Vidarbha breathe new life into the Gita. Their depth of knowledge about even the most mundane verses gave me insights that pushed my perspective on Vedic knowledge. The community has become like family. They have helped me grow immensely in my spiritual practice.”


“…their depth of understanding of Vedic scripture shines through their teaching. They exude so much love and care for all of us. They give so much of their time to help us on our path without asking for anything in return. “

Janette, AZ



Embark on listening to stories as a sacred act, a way to honor the human experience and create connections that heal and nourish the soul. We take you on a journey where stories become vessels of healing, and hope.

Vidarbha is being trained by Laura Simms, a world renowned story teller, an award winning performer, writer, and educator advocating storytelling as compassionate action for personal and community transformation for the past 55 years. 

We offer Storytelling sessions that weave Stories from Vedic texts like the Upanishads, Puranas, Mahabharata, Ramayana, various cultures and places for both the youth and adults. Stories allow us to connect to ourselves and each other through our past, by recognizing a common thread among us.



Immerse yourself in the transformative power of sound and experience profound healing and harmony through Sacred Mantra Sound Baths, Mantra Meditation Workshops, Sound Healing Sessions and Retreats.

Sound can profoundly influence our behaviour, our consciousness and our actions. Through Soundwise offerings, we seek to gain a deeper understanding of how sound surrounds us every moment and everywhere, and start to tune in to layers of vibrations.

We will use different modalities like meditation on sounds of mantras, vibrations, singing bowls, sacred chants and much more. This helps us in cleansing and loosening those unnatural layers of identity we hold, allowing the true radiance of the self to shine through. 

We learn to be sound with sound.



Find the 21st century yogi within you. Get deeply connected and enlightened through discussions on ancient wisdom texts in modern context, conversation circlesworkshops & seminars on life, work, relationships and more.

From Sutra to Samadhi

A 12-week seminar on spiritual tools & wisdom from the wisdom sutras (aphorisms) carefully chosen from the Upanishads, Vedanta & Yoga Sutras, Puranas, and the Bhagavad-Gita to help you harness your highest potential in life. We offer this seminar both in person and online over zoom.

We look at this ancient wisdom through a modern and practical lens. Our focus is on applying this in our life.